Lina Lusignan
Rental Consultant

M: 083 691 1247

Coming from an artistic background as a dancer and dancing teacher, a world traveller speaking 5 languages, I started as a rental agent with a small company 14 years ago to augment my earnings, never realising how exciting and fulfilling this would become.

I subsequently joined Jawitz Properties some 3 months later and was quickly drawn into the vibe and pulse of a large vibrant company with some 100+ agents and found myself becoming more and more excited at the prospect of viewing homes and meeting new people, both owners and tenants, not to mention the colourful people working as agents and personnel with the company. My vision of the world and people at large has been broadened and tempered in multiple ways by this opportunity.

My zeal was rewarded this year with recognition as a Premier agent in the company, and with a special award for 2nd most rental units rented out in the country.

I still keep my finger on the pulse of the dancing world as an Artistic Director of an association promoting Flamenco in South Africa and worldwide, and my hobbies, if you can call it such, is supporting and attending artistic, particularly dance functions, of every nature, as and when my very busy schedule allows, and always finding ways to marry this with my present career.


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