Our Story
It was the late 1960s. A young 34 year old biscuit
factory manager was looking to buy his first home in
Johannesburg. He met with two of the top estate
agents and told them his budget of R18 000. Imagine
his surprise when the very first house they showed
him far exceeded this amount. When he asked them
why, their response was a haughty, "Is that all you
want to spend? Or all you can afford?" Although
taken aback by their lack of respect, he was also
inspired. If they could be profitable while treating
people in the way that he had been treated, imagine
what could be achieved by someone who really
listened to their customers needs and who sought to
meet those needs. He saw a gap and set out to fill it.

A year later, Eskel Jawitz began his real life property
journey opening the first office of
what is today one of South Africa's leading real estate brands.

It's this anecdote that encapsulates so perfectly the
driving force behind our success story for overĀ five
Eskel Jawitz - Chairman
You see, at Jawitz Properties, we know that our business is about much more than just property. It's about people. It's about
being real with our clients. It's about trust that is earned. It's about how we play a part in our client's real life journey.

After all, for most people, property is the biggest single investment of their lives. Whether it's your home or an investment,
buying or selling involves big decisions. And for decisions like these, you need someone who's as invested as you are. You need
someone who understands real life, both your challenges and your hopes and dreams. Someone who will guide you each step of the way, offering real support and expert advice.

We know that when it comes to your real estate journey, you need a real partner. And that's just what we pride ourselves on

A real partner that understands that your success is our success. Real Life. Real Estate
At Jawitz Properties, we are Real about Real Estate.
Whoever you are and whatever your residential and
commercial property needs may be, we at Jawitz
Properties look forward to offering you a positively
unique and memorable property experience.