Harold Kolnik

M: 082 499 3030
T: (021) 780 1401
haroldk@jawitz.co.za V CARD

I specialize in assisting clients to find their dream home and strive to deliver a service that will exceed their expectations!

My love for people, property & the South Peninsula led to the perfect match with a Jawitz Properties franchise.

Our remarkable team & I have been turning clients into neighbours and friends continually. Our "can do" philosophy has contributed greatly to our continuing success. I have been marketing and trading in property for almost 25 years and in that period our offices and agents have been frequent prize winners in most of the sales excellence categories. I am also most fortunate to have five of my close family members join me in the property business.

Our three offices are sited in strategic locations that are able to effectively serve the areas of the South Peninsula. Our market share penetration has continued to grow with every year. Our online and social marketing approach has also led the way in web and print advertising and has aided our success and growth.

I am instinctively a nature lover and see the absolute logic of sustainable eco living.Homes that enhance their surroundings and that offer the occupants a creative environment with a minimal waste footprint have always interested me.Other interest include,vegan foods and cooking,natural healing,photography and off the grid living.



"After my great experience with you, I'd really not want to work through any other realtor." - Charl Thom