Petro Swart
Branch Admin / Property Consultant

M: 071 609 6241

I am doing sales in the West Acres and Sonheuwel areas of Nelspruit as well as rental in the whole of Nelspruit

I have only been doing sales for the past year and enjoy every single moment of it!

My motto for being an agent is: Treat people with respect, be honest and be fair. I still have to face them again tomorrow.

I am specializing in sales but recently started doing rentals as well.
Working as an administrator for 15 years and being a full status agent for one year.

Being a Sales Consultant has given me the confidence to communicate and work with people of all color, race and nationality groups. It has become my passion. Getting into the rental side of business gives a total different dimension to the property industry.

West Acres is like a small close community on its own, very popular and still growing.

I love being with my family. My interests and hobbies are reading, sewing, knitting and crocheting.



"I would like to thank you for providing exceptional service to me and my wife. Your personal commitment and your dedication to us as clients exceeded our -expectations. I am very satisfied and happy to be your client." - Riaan van Putten

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