Johannes Swart
Intern Property Consultant

M: 082 787 7445

My passion is to be successful in my career, to create a future and better life for everybody that deals with me.

To be successful, I must be personally involved with my clients so that they can be happy at the end of the day, because it is their future.

Nelspruit is a business community. The Real Estate here is not small, but everybody knows who you are. To keep up standards are my priority.

I was completely involved and busy with commercial sales, housing projects and a small development of our own.

My interests and hobbies are: fishing and lately playing golf.



I just want to thank you Johannes! As from day one, when you contacted me, you were more than willing to go the extra mile.

I have approached approximately 15 other agents in Nelspruit which I have CC'd and BCC'd, and you were the first to contact me. I have received calls from other agents, who informed me that one must not appoint so many agents, and they have had lots of stories to tell me. Before that, I gave a sole mandate to an agent for 3 months, and nothing happened. It only took you a few weeks to sell my property.

You did not wait to climb in and take clients out, and for that I have to thank you so much. I wish you all success and thank you again for all of the trouble you went through and to assist me with the whole transaction.

Kind Regards/Mit freundlichen Gruessen

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