Warwick Atkinson
Branch Manager
M: 072 636 3671
T: (011) 763 1312
warwicka@jawitz.co.za V CARD

In order to succeed in life, you must first help others to succeed........
it's a philosophy that I take seriously and truly believe in. Since 1966 I have worked in several well known retail organizations.

Progressing from trainee, to branch manager, to regional manager, to group merchandise/ marketing manager and group general manager. Whilst in all instances people were required for the business to succeed, equally if not more so was a product, whether items of food, clothing or household goods. I soon realized the problem was that in most cases if not all, no matter if they worked 8hrs or 12 hours a day they came home to the SAME salary and remained reliant on others instead of becoming self-reliant.

The one true profession which affords you the opportunity to become self-reliant with minimal monetary investment, however total commitment and dedication is real estate. Having managed the Jawitz Properties Roodepoort and Krugersdorp/Randfontein franchises since 1995 we have managed to be the groups top selling franchise in both unit sales and rand value on several occasions and in the process have helped may consultants in becoming self-reliant. As well as been a manager I am a fully qualified sales consultant with a PPRE qualification.

When any new consultant joins the Jawitz family my brief to them is always the same " I don't need your brains, I need your body. In order to become a successful sales consultant your BODY must have passion, energy and drive, your MIND must continually have positive not negative thoughts, determination and a willingness to adapt to change, your CONSTITUTION must be able to handle disappointment without been disappointed, have patience, kindness and respect for all, and lastly a WILL to succeed with a belief that the more you give the more you get. You see I can fill your BRAINS with all the knowledge for you to succeed, however in order to do so you need the BODY. Finally, don't waste time thinking about commission, rather spend the time on thinking about, how to make the commission and always with humility and never arrogance" This is why I believe we are a family of winning consultants.