Krystal Kolnik
Property Consultant
M: 082 435 6972

Past performance is a guarantee of future success!

I became an Estate Agent in 1999, that's 19 years ago! It was a time in the Industry when it was almost unheard of for an agent to be under the age of 55 - after all who's going to trust a 23 year old with their most valuable asset? I truly feel my business partner at that time, and I, were instrumental in changing the concept of what age an estate agent should be, especially in my area. My principal at the time was a brilliant trainer and understood the needs of younger people. She always had freshly baked banana loaf or muffins for us. She also got her husband to put up our show boards for us on Sundays, in order to make show houses bearable!! I miss those days. I joined my father's real estate business a couple years later.

My clientele comprises of a wide variety of people. More and more often we are seeing people coming from the Southern Suburbs to the South Peninsula because they simply cannot find this value anywhere on the other side of the mountain. We are surrounded by 5 beaches and it's only a 35 minute drive to town.

I am a highly competitive, compassionate, intuitive, caring, career driven person! I have a Mensa Certificate and I am about to publish my first book!

Highlight of my career so far? Winning the Chairman's Award for selling the 2nd most units within Jawitz nationally and managing to nearly always secure my place in either the Pinnacle or Premier club over the last five years.



"I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Krystal Kolnik, and I wanted to write a proper thank you/commendation, as I feel that excellent service needs to be acknowledged. Today we are in our dream home, and it is in a very large part due to Krystal's friendly, efficient, professional assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family." - Paul

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