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You are the master of your Destiny.

Ships don't sink because there's water all around it; they sink if they let water get in them. You may have all kinds of negative circumstances around you. It's amusing how it always seems life is out to get you. Here's my key motto; don't let it get in you, rule your spirit. You can't rule the traffic, the weather, a grouchy client, neighbour that's annoying, but be the master of your Destiny.

Looking back over the past 10 years of my life I have made conscious choices to be the master of my destiny. I have never receded from a challenge and I took one when I approached my ever supportive Principals for a position as a Property Consultant from being an Administrator.

I have been in the real estate industry for 7 years now and I am proud to say I have learnt from the best. I have since been competent in the RPL against the FETC: Real Estate (SAQA ID 59097), NQF Level 4 and the Professional Designated Exam Level 4. I have grown to understand the immerse expertise that is put together to a conclude a deal.



"I would like to commend Tendai on her outstanding service she continues to deliver to me. As you can see by the email below, she responded to me within less than an hour of my request with the information I require. She is always very professional and goes beyond her duties to assist both myself as the Lessor and the Tenant." - Melanie

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