Avril Rose
Branch Manager
M: 082 824 1845
T: 031 332 3119
avril@jawitzdurban.co.za V CARD

Success comes from excellent service.

Being in the property industry for the past 22 years, speaks of success and tenacity, as times have been tough and "we the tough just got tougher".

With various awards for "best rental agent" and "top rental agent" year after year for the South Coast Area, is a great achievement as competition is great then being one of the first to received the NQF4 qualifications, the sky was my limit only to discover that with the change to sales means reaching for the stars.

Now as manager of Durban branch and having s new team to train, there is no stopping me with intentions of dominating the greater Durban area and to see myself and colleagues reach the pinnacle of success.

Being a sporty person, I enjoy playing action netball, of which I have obtained Natal colours and walk to keep fit, with the love of my family and my love for Jesus, everything is possible.