Keeley Sherwood
Property Consultant
M: 072 459 4484

Nobody puts Keeley in a corner!

I like to stand out and think outside of the box, freedom of choice is so important to me and if something can be done to make someone happy, that becomes my priority.

Born into a Jewish real estate family, I have been inadvertently coached from a young age and so naturally and seamlessly, I fell into being a sales person. I intended on becoming a performer and have done so in a different way than expected, by using my love of performing arts and hunger for success, my people and communication skills and bringing them into real estate.

I officially started in the industry assisting my mom, Lolly Unterslak and her partner at the time, Darice Loeb. They were the best mentors I could have hoped for. I then began my solo career and soon realized I wanted a partner in not crime. I partnered up with Cale Jury and we created an awesome, balanced team.

Integrity and keeping it real are of the utmost importance to me and I would say that is my specialization. In an industry known for being full of snakes and sharks, I find it easy to stand out as a unique type of creature, bringing a fresh energy and enthusiasm to the industry. I love the challenges and constantly dealing with new and interesting people and situations. I learn something new everyday which I find invaluable.

My love of arguing keeps me going and my love of nature keeps me sane.



"Keeley went over and above the call of duty to make sure things ran smoothly and without any hitches. I am thrilled with the service I received and would not hesitate to recommend both Keeley and Jawitz to any of my friends who may be looking to sell their property." - Alan Foley

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