Kika Smit
Property Consultant

Midstream Estate, Centurion
Building packages

M: 073 245 5397

Owning your dream home is PERMANENT and there is something very profound about it - It offers me great pleasure to see my clients' DREAMS come alive.

I started my real estate career in early 2017. Real estate has been a big part of my life as my mother has been a real estate agent her whole life and my father was a residential and commercial developer. I grew up with discussions of the market, Otp's and show houses at the dinner table.

I think I can say I always use to be a "realtor in training" and when the right time and circumstances came I was ready to fit the profile. I studied Drama at Stellenbosch University and completed my degree in 2014. I connect with people easily and I have very strong communication instincts. I now realize that having these traits is very important in the real estate business and I thrive to give my clients the best service possible and to communicate to them constantly. For me, communication and service is vital.

I specialize in Building packages and Turnkey options in Midstream estate. My main focus at the moment is in the newly developed section - Midstream Meadows. It is the more "entry level" part of our estate. I think I thrive there because I deal with more buyers in my age range and concentrate on having great relationships with the builders. I have put a lot of work into this section and I am proud to say that hard work definitely pays off. I have accomplished a lot in this past year and a half and I have made a very good name for myself. I am energized and passionate about this industry and I look forward to many more years and experiences.

The best is yet to come!



"Just wanted to say thanks very much for sorting everything out have been so great" - Meagan Symons.

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