Corporate Social Investment

Jawitz Properties understands the importance of Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Our CSI objectives are to empower people from previously disadvantaged communities and to assist children through education.


We support skills development and have sponsored workshops including bead workshops, card making skills development and the set up on Gardens of Love.


​Beaded workshops have taken place in Johannesburg where unemployed are taught the skill of beadwork. Beaded Jawitz Houses can be found in the receptions of all our offices. We have also commissioned a range of corporate gifts.

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Paballo beaded Jawitz Properties houses


Mandela Day - 18 July 2016

Make everyday a Mandela Day

Celebrate Mandela Day - #KeepItReal and do your 67 minutes on the Monday, 18th July. Jawitz Properties threw a party and had some fun at the Casa Do Sol school,  with 173 children with intellectual disabilities.

Jawitz Properties | Mandela Day



Reach for a Dream - 3rd December 2016

Jawitz Properties has partnered with Reach for a Dream to make dreams come true!


Jawitz Properties | Reach for a dream
On the 3rd December 2016, we met with a young man who is in and out of hospital. His biggest wish was to ride a horse, enjoy some chicken for lunch and have his very own laptop . Meeting this happy, joyful boy was an absolute privilege – Thank you Reach for a Dream for allowing us to make dreams come true. Helping others, enriching their lives – this is what being real is all about! 

Santa's Shoebox Project


Jawitz Properties has been working with the Santa’s Shoebox Project in 2016.

The Santa Shoebox Project originated in Cape Town in 2006 with a humble 180 shoeboxes. In 10 years it has grown in leaps and bounds, with the number of Santa Shoeboxes donated reaching a total of 551 979 for 2016! The shoeboxes are distributed around South Africa and Namibia.

The success of the Project can largely be attributed to its personal nature – donors give gifts to children whose names, ages and genders are known. There is a checklist of what needs to be placed in each box. For more details, please click here:
Jawitz Properties donated 75 boxes across CT and JHB.

Jawitz Properties gets involved in the Santa Shoe Box Project
Jawitz Properties gift packs for Children
Casa del Sol School activities on Mandela Day
Jawitz Properties Mandela Day
Party Packs for Casa del Sol children on Mandela Day
Jawitz Properties caring on Mandela Day and everyday
Mandela Day | Jawitz Properties 2016
Microwave handover to SOS Childrens Village