Everyone knows that appearance count – never more so than when it comes to selling your house.

In preparing your home for sale, a little effort can reap rewards.  You are likely to get a better price if you take the trouble to make your home inviting.

Walk around the house and garden and imagine you are a buyer.  View your home the way you would view someone else’s if you were contemplating buying it.  Be critical – jot down notes and plan your pre-selling campaign.  Starting outside, remove oil stains from the driveway with a chemical solvent.  Make sure that creepers or shrubs on driveway fences are trimmed back – especially on panhandle driveways – so that buyers can easily drive in without scratching their cars.   Next, the garage – throw away rubbish and stack everything else neatly.  Let prospective buyers see that there is room to park the car!

In the garden, trim lawns and hedges; get rid of refuse and rubbish and throw out old unsightly pots and straggly pants.  Invest in a few attractive containers an flowering plants for quick colour splashes at focal points, such as the front door, patio or pool area.  Remember, the pool has to sparkle – it’s a strong sales feature in summer.  In winter, a neglected pool will only remind buyers that pools mean work.

Dogs are the agent’s bugbear.  Buyers may be frightened of large, barking dogs, while little yappy ones may distract them from appreciating the beauty of your garden or the tranquillity of the neighbourhood.  So, although you love your dogs, restrain them.

The front door must look welcoming; paint if necessary, polish the wood, wash away dust and polish the brass knocker.  Remove stray toys, tools or broken garden furniture from the entrance.

For evening visits, make sure the lights work.  Inside, your home should  be bright and airy, uncluttered and tidy.  Oddments, piles of paper and such like would be best packed into boxes and stored out of sight while prospective buyers visit.  Possessions scattered about are distracting.

Remove net curtains where possible to let the light in and show off the garden.  Otherwise, wash them to remove dust.

Open windows so that everything is fresh.  Then, spring clean.  Remove cobwebs from the ceilings, wipe finger-marks off doors and walls, polish door handles, wash the windows, clean carpets and pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Check loose grouting and fix dripping taps or running toilet cisterns.  Check the kitchen – remove items stored on top of cupboards.  Your kitchen will look bigger and your cupboards more adequate.

Always have beds made and dishes washed and out of sight before early morning appointments.  Plump up cushions and be as tidy as possible – even the most modest home looks good if it’s clean and tidy.

Keep your children under control and turn down the television volume when prospective buyers call.

In the evening, have the lights on and curtains closed, so that your home is cosy but visible.  On chilly nights and winter days have heaters on or a fire burning.

If you follow this straightforward advice, your property will make a good first impression and enhance your chance of selling at the best possible price that the market will pay.


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