How the tools of selling properties may have changed.

Nov 23, 2016

Are your agents using more digital tools and when did the shift begin - 3 years ago? 

In the past 2 to 3 years, digital tools have become increasingly more popular and we believe this is only the beginning. The property portals have become the go-to property hunting grounds and agents have to ensure they are using the portals to maximise exposure and reach. Websites, property portals, apps, online advertising, newsletters and digital magazines are just a handful of the options being used by agents to increase leads on properties and create greater brand awareness. 
There is a bigger drive to increase the use of digital sales tools, as it is more targeted, is done in real time, is way more measurable and agencies are receiving the majority of their leads from their digital initiatives. Does this mean print will become obsolete? Not necessarily. What we do know, is print is more for the sellers than the buyers. Sellers want to see their homes in glossy magazines and large pages in the newspaper, as then they believe that the agency they have chosen is marketing their property “properly”. This shouldn’t be the case. Digital allows buyers the ability to view properties online as they become available, not having to wait for the weekly insert in the newspaper – allowing properties to be sold before their first show day!
Technology allows buyers to compare the properties they are looking at, view their locations on Google Maps for example and thus reduces time driving from one show house to another. With the use of technology, by the time the buyer see’s the property, they have already eliminated hundreds of properties, as they have been able to do all their investigative work online prior to viewing a home. Digital also allows hard-hitting feedback for sellers, for example how many views online and how many leads that help to inform the agent and seller about how the market is responding to the price of a property.
Agents, sellers and buyers are becoming open to the benefits of digital and obviously as they reap the rewards, are converted to the digital ways of advertising properties. It does require a mindset change for both agents and sellers, but in this digital age, one has to be brave.
Digital is where the buyers are, so agents need to be playing in that space – it is as simple as that.
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