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The opportunity – a property franchise

When you invest in a Jawitz Properties franchise, you invest in one of the most long term, high growth and dynamic industries in South Africa. As home ownership is such a vital part of our communities and our society,  the property market will always have a unique role to play in the success and prosperity of our country. As a business and career opportunity, the property market promises substantial rewards - financial, professional and personal.

While it is true that, like other industries, property goes through cycles, we at Jawitz Properties believe in the future of the South African property industry. This is why we are expanding our business by offering like-minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest in a Jawitz Properties franchise.

Whether you are an independent property company, part of another franchised organisation, an entrepreneur considering entering the property market for the first time, or currently employed as a property consultant with aspirations of your own, a successful property franchise is an excellent business and career opportunity.

Building strong relationships

We know that in any venture, good relationships are the cornerstone of success, so we see every interaction – with our clients, employees, suppliers, lawyers, banks and, of course, our franchisees – as an opportunity to build a strong relationship. We know that strong relationships are built on trust. Trust in our professionalism, in our ability to secure the best deal; trust that we will deliver superior, efficient service supported by ongoing communication; trust in our absolute honesty and integrity. Jawitz Properties, and everyone in our organisation, is committed to living up to the trust our stakeholders place in us. Always. 

Jawitz Properties
Consummate professionals

Founded in 1969, Jawitz Properties is one of South Africa’s leading residential property companies with an outstanding reputation for professionalism and service delivery, built on the excellence of our people. Known as Eskel Jawitz Real Estate for most of its history, the company re-branded to Jawitz Properties in early 2004, reflecting both the historic success of the company and a commitment to the future under a new generation of leadership.

An expanding footprint locally

Over the last five years, we have focused on growing the business by opening branches in other centres in South Africa, as well as building up a network of franchise operations. We are now open for business in Gauteng, the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. In addition, our brand is present in Botswana and Mauritius.

Global partnerships

Through our membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio International®, our clients gain access to a South African and global network of 600 premier real estate firms, with 5,000 offices and 150,000 sales consultants in more than 30 countries! The organization is comprised of the very best international names in real estate who come together under the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® banner to share knowledge, experience, expertise and, of course, buyers and sellers from market to market.

What do we strive for?

In a nutshell, we want to create ‘WOW’ experiences for all our stakeholders, always.  This drives our approach to every aspect of our business and is reflected in a set of five commitments that epitomise the Jawitz Properties business style:


1. Strive for the highest pinnacle. We believe in a performance-driven culture that recognises achievement and expects accountability and responsibility in a supportive environment.
2. Always follow true north. We demand absolute integrity in all our interactions and expect all of us to do what is best for the client, the company and each other.
3. Never plateau. We take responsibility to develop ourselves to our fullest potential in an environment that promotes performance, development and growth.
4. Ascend the summit together. We are committed to sharing and being team players in pursuit of company performance.
5. Create peak experiences. We delight our internal and external clients by exceeding their expectations.

Franchising – a proven business model
Why are we franchising?

Worldwide, franchising has proven to be one of the most successful models for expanding a business and, for the franchisee, one of the most intelligent ways of starting – and growing – a business. By combining the proven business formula of the franchisor with the entrepreneurial drive of the ‘owner-operator’ franchisee, the likelihood of a successful business venture for both parties is increased significantly.

While Jawitz enjoys a substantial market share in our current markets and an enviable reputation among our clients, our competitors and the industry as a whole, our potential for growth continues to beckon. 

What are the benefits of a Jawitz franchise?

The Jawitz Properties franchise strategy maximises your success potential by providing you with a proven business model, a well-established and highly regarded brand, outstanding training and ongoing business and marketing support.  We also offer you state-of-the-art technology to support your sales processes and management functions.
We pride ourselves on being a ‘hands-on’ company and see ourselves as ‘investment managers’ whose purpose is to do our utmost to support you in growing your Jawitz Properties franchise.
In short, we give you our full commitment.


At Jawitz Properties, our mission is to ‘wow’ our clients at every turn. So we look for franchisees with the same objective. 

Because we are completely committed to your success, we have identified critical factors that will help you thrive as a Jawitz Properties franchisee.

Property is a challenging industry that, like everything else, goes through cycles, influenced by factors like inflation and interest rates, among others. Drive, initiative and resilience are therefore essential qualities for a successful property franchisee.

Absolute professionalism and integrity and a fierce determination to exceed your client’s service expectations are essential.

A proven track record with hands-on management and leadership skills will also be of great benefit to the success of your business.

Finally, you must be able to develop a highly competent sales team, explore new opportunities for your business and operate as a team player within a franchise structure.


Our franchise profile may sound like a tall order but in return for these superior qualities, we offer our absolute, hands-on commitment to your success.

We also commit to upholding and continually developing Jawitz properties into a strong, national brand that will help you to drive your business. To do so, we apply a portion of your monthly management service fee to national branding and marketing efforts.

In short, we do everything in our power to create a win-win relationship between Jawitz Properties and our franchise partners.

For more information on our franchise opportunities call:

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Russell Berkman
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